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Oliver Baumann

Now we’ve learnt all the letters, it’s time to bring them in the right order.

Peer-reviewed contributions

  • Baumann, Oliver and Schoenfeld, Mirco. Supporting Serendipitous Recommendations With Knowledge Graphs. Proceedings of the 2nd Joint Conference of the Information Retrieval Communities in Europe (CIRCLE 2022), Samatan, Gers, France, July 4-7, 2022., online [BibTex]

Chapters in edited volumes

  • Huisl, Jonas; Fichtner, Myriel; Eisenhuth, Philipp; Baumann, Oliver; Schoenfeld, Mirco; Jablonski, Stefan; Samimi, Cyrus. Towards an Integrated and Contextualized Research Data Management at the Cluster of Excellence Africa Multiple. In: Dreiser, Anja R.; Samimi, Cyrus (eds.): Frontiers in African Digital Research: Conference Proceedings. Bayreuth, July 2022. p. 155-172. (Bayreuth African Studies Online; 9) [BibTex]


  • Serendipitous Recommendations on Knowledge-Graphs of Music, 42nd Sunbelt, Oliver Baumann and Mirco Schoenfeld; Cairns, Australia (2022-07-13)
    Video recording available online